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    Religious HandCrafts, a company devoted to elaborate artworks, is catering to your refined taste by employing "repousse" techniques and perfect craftmanship. Its artworks, for their beauty and originality have obtained the opportunity to decorate many homes, offices, clubs and exposition places. Each artwork is made totally manually and it is imposible to find two identical. All artworks have an authenticity certificate.

    Please click Products on our Web Site to appreciate the many details of a few pieces of artwork.

    Everytime you want to give a FINE and EXCLUSIVE gift TO OTHERS or TO YOURSELF, take a moment to review our artworks and order the one you want. Any question or comment about any requirement please send your message to: Our prices are in U.S. dollars and include freight costs at any location in the world. Custom and any other local tax are not included.

Our Mission

    We decided to embellish our symbols, represented in Sacred Icons, Virgins and Angels.

Our Technique

     The repousse is a technique that uses different artistic expressions like: designing, painting, sculpturing. It consists in hammering a metallic foil that can be aluminum, copper or silver, to give volume and relief to the decorative design engraved on the metal.
It is a meticulous job that require ability and concentration for obtaining a satisfactory harmony of the forms. All this allows to obtain a tridimensional reality that, enriched by colors, put in relief the details so that it is possible to appreciate the beauty in all its extension.
Processing some artworks may need from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on their complexity, dimensions, colors and exclusivity of design.

    The manufacturing of Virgins and Angels is also time consuming in order to get a perfect statue. The basics of the process is cutting the raw silk then, by using fabric stiffeners, shaping of the differents layers of the shroud. The ornaments are made of beads, laces and wood. The faces and the hands are made in porcelain.

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(571) 2141369
(571) 2141369
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Ave. 116 # 14-21 Of. 501, Bogotá, Colombia, South America
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